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    Austin, Texas

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    Hands-On Wednesday: Pepper Scatter

    In this simple experiment, play with the properties of water to create an impressive reaction. Because water molecules are attracted to one another, they create surface tension that can be broken by a substance such as soap. See how the break in surface tension affects the pepper resting atop it.  
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    After School Fall 2017: Week 4

    During Week 4 of Girlstart After School, our girls explored the careers of electrical engineers! First, they learned new concepts and vocabulary, like conductor, insulator, complete circuit, closed circuit, open circuit, and energy transfer. Then, the girls formed groups and put their skills to the test. They experimented with various objects (aluminum foil, brad clip, …
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    Hands-On Wednesday: Fog in a Jar

    Celebrate Earth Science Week by creating your very own cloud in this demonstration! We love learning more about the earth and how it works, and earth science helps us do just that. Observe what happens as condensation forms and collects on smoke particles from an extinguished match. Make sure you have adult supervision when completing …
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