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    First Thursday of the Month
    5:30-7:00pm, Girlstart STEM Center
    Austin, Texas

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    After School Fall 2017: Showcase Week 2

    And that’s a wrap on Girlstart After School 2017! This week we finished with some final showcases. Family members and friends were invited to come after club for the girls to present what they’ve learned this semester. To do so, the girls recreated five activities from the semester: the density shapes, Oreo moon phases, conductors …
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    Hands-On Wednesday: Static Can

    This experiment may make your hair a little messy, but the result looks like magic! Teach your friends all about static electricity by repelling an empty soda can across the room using a charged balloon.
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    Hands-On Wednesday: Leaf Art

    Before you feast on some turkey this week, be sure to get outside and enjoy the fall weather. Learn about the biology of trees by collecting some fallen leaves on the way to observe the veins. Once you’re done, use the leaves to make some neat fall decorations!
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