• 2018 Summer Camps

    Girls entering 4th-8th grades
    Austin, Texas

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    Hands-On Wednesday: Egg in a Bottle

    Try a new twist on this classic experiment! Explore the properties of air pressure in this activity using a hard boiled egg or a water balloon. Remember, always ask an adult for help when handling fire.
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    Hands-On Wednesday: Floating Ping Pong Ball

    Very few materials are needed to perform this impressive experiment. Explore how the stream of air from the blow dryer can cause a ping pong ball to float. Test your skills and see how many ping pong balls you can get to float at once!
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    Hands-On Wednesday: Microwave Soap

    Stay in on this cold January day and try this soapy experiment! Only a few items are needed to discover tiny bubbles that are hidden in this solid soap bar — see what happens when heat makes them expand!
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