After School Fall 2017: Showcase Week 2

After School Blog

And that’s a wrap on Girlstart After School 2017! This week we finished with some final showcases. Family members and friends were invited to come after club for the girls to present what they’ve learned this semester.

To do so, the girls recreated five activities from the semester: the density shapes, Oreo moon phases, conductors and insulators, forces and friction, and parachute activities. They then created and decorated a station for each activity. When guests arrived, the girls walked their guests through the stations, explaining each activity and what they learned.

It’s been a great semester, and we are already excited for Girlstart After School next year!

For some STEM fun and exploration while Girlstart After School is not in session, check out DeSTEMber on our website for a different activity every day of December!