Human Slingshot

Have you ever gone to an amusement park and wanted to experience the slingshot cage ride? The cage is stretched to the ground for passengers to be harnessed in; then the tension is released and the cage goes flying. Explore how potential and kinetic energy make this exhilarating and terrifying ride possible as you create your own human slingshot prototype!

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DeSTEMber Materials List

Activities for the week of December 1st-3rd 2016

We are very excited for our first week of DeSTEMber!

Each Sunday we will post the materials list for the upcoming week:

12.01 – Homemade Compass
12.02 – Human Slingshot
12.03 – Marshmallow Slingshot
12.03 – DeSTEMber Fest @ the Girlstart STEM Center from 9:30am-Noon (visit our website for more information here)

12.01 – Homemade Compass
Blunt sewing needle
Bowl of water
Magnet wand
Small cork (2-3cm thick)

12.02 – Human Slingshot
1 12″ elastic cord
Masking tape
5 paint stirrers
4 paperclips
4 rubber bands (all sizes)
1 small whiffle ball
Tacky glue
8 tongue depressors

12.03 – Marshmallow Slingshot
Golf pencil
Hole puncher
Jumbo marshmallow (or other object to launch, like a small ball)
Pen or marker
2 thin rubber bands
2 toilet paper tubes, or one paper towel tube cut in half

12.03 – DeSTEMber Fest @ Girlstart STEM Center from 9:30am-Noon
Come join us for free, fun, winter-themed science activities at the Girlstart STEM Center! Find out more information on our website here.