After School Fall 2017: Showcase Week 2

And that’s a wrap on Girlstart After School 2017! This week we finished with some final showcases. Family members and friends were invited to come after club for the girls to present what they’ve learned this semester.

To do so, the girls recreated five activities from the semester: the density shapes, Oreo moon phases, conductors and insulators, forces and friction, and parachute activities. They then created and decorated a station for each activity. When guests arrived, the girls walked their guests through the stations, explaining each activity and what they learned.

It’s been a great semester, and we are already excited for Girlstart After School next year!

For some STEM fun and exploration while Girlstart After School is not in session, check out DeSTEMber on our website for a different activity every day of December!

After School Fall 2017: Week 10

It’s finally Showcase Week! For Girlstart After School’s final meeting of the semester, students brought back some of their favorite activities. Small groups shared their projects with proud parents, teachers, and friends! Friends and family gathered at each station while our girls explained their design process. Stay tuned for Showcase Week Part 2! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

After School Fall 2017: Week 9

As the semester begins to wind down, the girls paused to reflect on what the girls learned this semester at Girlstart After School. From working as aerospace engineers and astronomers to geomorphologists or electrical engineers, it has been a semester full of learning new things and new experiences. Next, the girls took some time to dream about their futures. To do so, the girls were given six blank puzzle pieces and told to write or draw a goal for each stage of their life on a piece: one for goals throughout the rest of elementary school, one for Jr. High School, a goal for high school, college, graduate school, and for their career.

Like the puzzle pieces, their goals connect together to create a bigger picture and lead the girls to achieve their dreams. From striving to “read at least 1,000 books” in middle school to “passing all of my STARR tests,” and wanting to “make straight A’s,” our girls are dreaming big! Girls wrote that they hope to attend Texas State, UT, Yale and Harvard for college, “pass Med School” and “get 4 graduate degrees.” Many dream of being vets, marine biologists, electrical or mechanical engineers, to “be a doctor and save millions of lives from death;” others hope to “be a rock star” or “be the first girl president.” The girls got to take home their puzzles, to keep as a tangible reminder of what they are capable of accomplishing.

Next, the girls wrote letters to their future selves, reminding themselves of their dreams and goals, and the obstacles they plan to overcome. In ten years the girls can open their letters and compare what they have achieved with their previous goals. Our hope is that they never stop learning, never stop pursuing their goals, and never stop dreaming big!

After School Fall 2017: Week 8

This week, our girls explored the careers of geologists and environmental engineers as they studied geological processes that contribute to slow changes in the Earth’s surface. After a mini-lesson on weathering, erosion, and deposition, the girls put their skills to the test! They used Mini Wheats and mason jars to simulate the effect of various elemental forces on landforms.