All Girlstart camps include a balance of hands-on STEM activities, relevant technology, collaborative team building, and informal camp fun! Girlstart’s camps serve entering 4th-5th grade and entering 6th-8th grade girls (in 2018-2019) simultaneously all summer long (regular and junior camps are held in separate activity spaces).

(Please note: Girlstart has updated our online registration system. If you have attended Girlstart programs in the past, you will still need to create a new parent account upon registering. Thank you for your understanding.)

Summer Camp Location
Girlstart STEM Center
1400 W. Anderson Lane
Austin, TX 78757

Summer 2018 Dates & Descriptions

Take it to the Streets (4th-5th)
June 4-8 & June 11-15 (waitlist only)
Places to go, things to do, and people to see — Girlstart girls are on the move and need a city that can keep up with them! Be your own city planner as you design skyscrapers, engineer roadways, control pollution, explore power solutions, and create beautiful green spaces. Are you ready to take on this urban adventure?!

Girlstart on Deck (6th-8th)
June 4-8 & June 11-15 (waitlist only)
Bon Voyage! Explore life on deck as you engineer a pulley to lower lifeboats, construct a backup propellor for emergencies, navigate the open ocean, and more. From virtual reality expeditions to designing your own 3D ship to learning the art of animal towel folding, come sail the seas aboard the Girlstart STEM Cruise!

Rey’s Training Mission (4th-5th & 6th-8th)
June 18-22 & June 25-29 (waitlist only)
The force is strong at Girlstart! Channel your inner Rey to construct your own lightsaber, engineer a fighter jet, design an all terrain armored transport vehicle, and more. From animal adaptations, droid design, and smartphone holograms, to 3D printing the death star — be ready to travel to a galaxy far, far away.

Island Adventure (4th-5th)
July 9-13, July 16-20, & July 23-27
Rainforests, beaches, and reefs — this island has it all! Discover what makes Madagascar unique: lemurs, hissing cockroaches, periwinkle flowers, and much more. Dive into coral reefs, help save the fossa from deforestation, and explore how the baobab trees have survived centuries of weather change as you get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Once Upon a Time (6th-8th)
July 9-13 (waitlist only), July 16-20, & July 23-27 (waitlist only)
There are no damsels in distress here! Be brave, creative, and curious as you build a beanstalk to reach the clouds, engineer a crane to rescue Rapunzel from her tower, design a unique LED headband for Jasmine, and more. Girls will program their own fairy tale computer game and virtual enchanted forest maze.