This summer, Girlstart introduced a new programming robot with our campers. Girls used color-coded programming to navigate their Ozobot™ Bit safely across the river to get from their house to the shop. You can find the activity here.

The Ozobot™ Bit is easy to program by drawing lines and using certain color combinations. Determine which color segment is needed to direct the Ozobot™ Bit along the correct path.

To purchase an Ozobot™ click here.

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Even if you don’t have an Ozobot™, you can still play Ozobot™ games online with Ozobot™ Shape Tracer. Improve your skills by programming your on-screen Ozobot™ to trace different shapes.

*Girlstart has no affiliation with Ozobot™; we just think it is cool technology to get kids excited about coding!