Thank You Reliant


Reliant hosted their annual Reliant Gives Week the week of May 22nd. Girlstart hosted two volunteer group opportunities packed full of fun and productivity.

On May 23rd, a group of Reliant employees volunteered their time at our Houston office. They built bakers racks, tables, and filing cabinets to help with storage for our Houston program materials. We are so thankful for the increased storage as we continue to grow in the Houston community.

A second group of Reliant employees volunteered at their offices on May 24th. Over 40 volunteers joined us to prep materials for our Houston summer camps and after school programs. They assembled close to 200 engineering journals for girls and made name tags and certificates for our summer campers, as well as cut cardboard, aluminum foil, and more for our fall after school programs.

This volunteer work also coincided with a $10,000 donation from Reliant Gives to support Girlstart’s work in Houston.

Thanks to their efforts, we are now ready to jump in to another school year serving the Houston community with our programs!