Our Vision

Girlstart aspires to be the national leader in designing and implementing innovative, high quality informal STEM education programs that inspire girls to transform our world.

The world’s greatest challenges need new STEM ideas and insights. Yet half of the world’s potential ideamakers—women and girls—are discouraged from developing vital STEM ideas.

We believe that more girls with more ideas will create more solutions to benefit us all.

At Girlstart, we cultivate a culture where risk is rewarded, curiosity is encouraged, and creativity is expected.

Girlstart girls are connected, brave, and resilient. Girlstart makes girls more successful and inspires them to take on the world’s greatest challenges.


Through its comprehensive programming, Girlstart provides a year-round, intensive suite of STEM education programs for K-12 girls. Girlstart’s core programs foster STEM skills development, an understanding of the importance of STEM as a way to solve the world’s major problems, as well as an interest in STEM electives, majors, and careers.

17+% job growth through 2018

 opportunities in STEM are projected to grow!

About 24% of
STEM jobs

are held by women, but fewer in CS and engineering.

4 out of 5 STEM college students

 decided to study STEM in high school, or even earlier

Growth in STEM jobs is 3x faster

than non-STEM jobs over the past 10 years